12 Amazing Workout Apps for Your Apple Watch

12 Amazing Workout Apps for Your Apple Watch

April 24, 2019

Here are 12 popular workout apps are useful for working out. Using an Apple Watch to assist with your work out routine has been the trend lately. Despite that, it may difficult to figure out the best apps to download to your watch. While there are many apps on the market to help improve your fitness, there is only a handful that is worth your time. Read on to find out which ones made it to the list!

1. Activity

Activity App for Apple Watch

(Photo Credit: Apple)

The Activity app works as an organizer for your fitness goals. This app is already installed on the Apple Watch and helps you stay on top of your fitness routine. With Activity, you can see how many calories you've burned, how often you've stood during the day, and more. 

Activity makes it easy to set up simple work out goals. If you’re trying to create a more complex workout routine, you’ll likely need the help of a few other apps.

2. Nike+ Run Club

Nike Run Club App

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Nike Run Club is ideal for runners that need to track other metrics of their running performance and progress every time. It is one of the most popular workout apps for Apple Watch. This app is optimized for the latest version of the watch, meaning that it fits the newer and larger screens. Therefore, it makes it easier to read the screen while working out. This app is easy to use before, during, and after a workout, making it the ideal companion piece for runners everywhere.

3. Workouts++

Wokouts app
(Photo Credit: Apple)

Workouts++ is an app that allows you to track your metrics for walking, running, and swimming. With it's carefully designed workout screens, this app lets you choose which six stats to display as you complete your workout. Another benefit of Workouts++ is that it supports Siri—making it easier to use while working out. 

4. Strava

Strava App for Apple Watch

(Photo Credit: Apple)

If you’re a fan of simplicity, Strava is the right app for you. This Apple Watch workout app is a bare-bones as it gets. With a simple tap, you can start tracking your workout. The clean interface is easy to monitor while you work out and provides detailed records for review after you complete your workout. 

Strava has three sections:

  • Outdoor run
  • Outdoor ride
  • Outdoor walk
Once you choose your pick of cardio, you’ll see how effective Strava is in monitoring your progress. 

5. Streaks Workout

Streak app for Apple Watch

(Photo Credit: Apple)

Streaks is an excellent app for the busy people among us that need to include their fitness in their schedule. The custom workouts that Streaks creates last between 6 and 30 minutes. The best workout apps can give you the best fitness routine within a short period. This feature makes Streak a contender in being one of the best workout apps.  

Streaks makes it easy to work out from anywhere. Whether you’re at the gym, at home, or in the office, this app requires no equipment to complete your workout. Additionally, this app clearly shows what form to use for each exercise. 

6. Gymaholic

Gymaholic Workout App

(Photo Credit: Apple)

Gymaholic is an excellent app for weight lifting. Gym lovers that already have their workout routine may benefit the most from this app. Gymaholic makes it easy to keep track of your sets and reps, in addition to helping you stay consistent and focused while lifting. This app also shows the best form to execute the lifts correctly. 

When using an app like Gymaholic to lift weights or do a similar rigorous workout, you can easily damage your Apple Watch. Instead of playing it safe in the gym, be sure to use your app of choice with your Rhinoband attached. The Rhinoband is a protective watch band that is ideal for fitness lovers that are serious about working out.

7. Pedometer++

Pedometer Workout App

(Photo Credit: Apple)

Use Pedometer++ to track your progress day by day based on the miles you’ve run/walked and the floors you’ve climbed. While Pedometer++ is indeed a pedometer, it is much more than that. It will additionally display what percentage of your goals you’ve accomplished. 

Pedometer++ has an extensive set of displays, making it easy to stay on track, regardless of what exercise you are performing. Moreover, where some apps overwhelm you with too much information, Pedometer++ shares these numbers in a limited but informative way.

8. Runkeeper

Runkeeper App

(Photo credit: Apple)

Runkeeper is designed to make managing your fitness program as easy as possible. When it comes to detailed running apps, Runkeeper is a great choice. This running app offers a variety of programs to help direct your workout. It has a narrator motivator to encourage you as you run and has a routine schedule that is easy to update.

As your progress improves, Runkeeper adapts. When you’re ready to adjust your habits, your workout program will grow. This app’s focus on improvement makes it a favorite among beginners. As your routine expands, you may choose to stick with Runkeeper as it adapts to your changes or try another app.

9. Runtastic

Runtastic IOS App

(Photo credit: Apple)

Runtastic is one of the better apps to use for tracking your goals and setting new ones. Great workout apps combine fitness routines with detailed logs showing your progress. While this app doesn’t use the most advanced tracking system, it quickly compiles all the pertinent information.

If you’re a fan of clean interfaces and simple data, try Runtastic. Additionally, it shows your heart rate, the distance you’ve run, and the time you elapsed. Runtastic is one of the most simple apps to use while on the run.

10. Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit Workout App

(Photo Credit: Apple)

Want a creative workout app? Carrot fit is that app. With Carrot Fit, you can balance discipline with rewards as you achieve your fitness goals. It has a series of hilarious workouts and funny disciplinary actions for missed goals. Carrot Fit works to whip you into shape.

With workouts like “Dragon Mating Dances,” Carrot Fit puts the funny into fitness and helps you get on track as you work to reach your goals. 

11. SmartGym

SmartGym App for IOS

(Photo Credit: Apple)

SmartGym is an excellent option for anyone trying to learn what goes into a good workout. SmartGym is a great workout app because it allows you to see what methods are the most effective as you attempt to reach your goals.

With the advanced data collection system that SmartGym uses, you can analyze the metrics of every workout. In addition to detailing your progress, SmartGym clearly shows you where to give your best effort.

12. Fitness Point

Fitness Point Workout app for iOS

(Photo Credit: Apple)

If you have trouble with creating the actual workout, Fitness Point is here to help. This app makes it easy to select from several different exercises to build the best workout. Each exercise comes with helpful instructions that are easy to follow. Additionally, Fitness Point makes it easy to add in your own playlist to keep you motivated as you get your fitness on. 

The best workout apps will seamlessly become part of your daily fitness routine. Keep this guide in mind as you choose your next workout app for your Apple Watch.

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