15 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Apple Watch

15 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Apple Watch

September 17, 2019

Apple Watch is one of the leading tech giants, and the company is serious regarding its plans for entering the wearable technology industry. Apple wanted to innovate the industry, and they are developing new devices that can permeate the market. Apple Watch has some cool features, and people who are fitness professionals or active duty military professionals can benefit from these features. Here’s a list of the things that you can do with your Apple Watch.

1. Time Control Features

Apple Watch offers the basic features that you can find in any watch – you can set the alarm, use it as a stopwatch, or use it for countdowns. Apple Watch is stylish, and it makes viewing the time more enjoyable. You can also change the clock display on your watch – you can set it as an analog clock, or a digital one. The alarm feature also helps the wearer wake up anytime they need to, and there are many tones that you can choose.

2. Use It to Download Third-party Applications

Apple Watch works like any other smart devices – you can connect it to the internet and start downloading the applications you like. However, there is a limit on which applications you can download because others are not supported by the watch, like complex games with great graphics. You can download simple apps that can help you with your everyday tasks. For example, apps that can help you order food or apps that can improve the overall user experience when using this device.

3. Navigation

Apple Watch has a built-in navigation system that can help you track your location. It is helpful especially for those who are working in active duty. When using the navigation system, one can enter a coordinate or location, and the map will show the best routes on how to get there. People working in active duty find this feature very helpful because they can track their location without using expensive navigation systems.

4. Call Transfers

You can use your Apple Watch to receive incoming calls through your phone. Apple Watch is capable of becoming a full-fledged telephone for those who want to call someone. When calls are coming through, you can activate a feature that allows you to answer calls through your watch instead. You can use AirPods to listen privately to the person on the other line and speak through the built-in microphone in the watch to talk to the caller.

5. Play Music

Apple Watch is capable of playing music, and you can save as many songs as you want on the device. You can also use AIrPods and pair it with your Apple Watch to listen to your favorite songs. There are also applications that you can use to categorize the songs inside your device. Also, you can create a catalog from the songs that you have already heard for the day. The Apple Watch has tons of excellent features when it comes to music, and owners usually enjoy using it while they are on the go.

6. Messaging

You can use your Apple Watch to send a message, and you can type the message through voice recognition. You can also set up shortcuts to help you type more efficiently. The messaging feature of the Apple Watch can come handy in times of emergencies, especially if your phone battery dies. Apple Watch has a durable battery that can last for hours and days without charging. When you need to text someone, you can always access it from your phone’s main menu.

7. Calendar and Events

You can organize your calendar and set events using your Apple Watch. This feature can is on the device’s main menu, and you can access it anytime. The calendar is helpful, especially if you are a busy person and if you need to track your activities throughout the day.

8. Health Applications

Those who work as a health and fitness professional can benefit from this application. Apple Watch has a ton of features dedicated to improving one’s health. There is a built-in feature that measures the heart rate. Third-party health apps also exist, helping the wearers knew about their condition. Those who work as emergency respondents can also benefit from the health applications that can be accessed, especially when they are on a rescue mission.
When a natural calamity strikes, many people can be affected. Using the health application will ensure the emergency respondents who are on a rescue mission can track important vitals. 

9. Send Location

People who wear Apple Watch can use this feature whenever they are in an emergency. Send location enables the device to determine the coordinates, and plot it on a map. You can send the information to anyone, and it can be helpful, especially if they need help. Emergency respondents are encouraging people who own an Apple Watch to use this feature when they need help. Emergency respondents suggest that this feature can help save lives.

10. Asking Siri for Assistance

Siri, the AI found in most Apple mobile devices, is also fa good feature. The AI can help the wearer accomplish specific tasks, and can access it through voice demand. Siri can search the entire internet for answers. Anytime the wearer asks Siri for help, it instantly pulls up searches online, and provide the results in a short period. Siri can also pull up relevant images that are uploaded online.

11. Handoff Feature

The Handoff feature in an Apple Watch enables the wearer to transfer all of their phone activities into the watch seamlessly. This syncing can be handy, especially when using phones are prohibited during working hours. You can use the most basic features available on the phone while wearing the Apple Watch.

12. Phone Locator

If you lose your iPhone, Apple Watch can help you find it by using its locator feature. Misplacing your phone can give you a mini heart attack, but using the locator installed in each Apple Watch can alleviate your fear. It will send a ping to the iPhone, initiating a loud ring.

13. Change Watch Bands

Watch bands, like the ones manufactured by Rhinobands, can be used to protect the Apple Watch. Rhinobands are one of the most reliable companies when it comes to producing these protective Apple watch band. They also manufacture protection for the AirPods, which are used extensively by Apple Watch owners whenever they want to listen to music via Bluetooth.

14. Change the Faces of the Watch

The face display of an Apple Watch can be changed using the images stored within the device. Owners can download any image they want and then use it later on as the main face of the watch. Third-party apps that allow the replacement of the face are also available.

15. Fall Detection

The fall detection feature of an Apple Watch can save a life. The fall detection feature works whenever it detects that the wearer of the Apple Watch experienced a hard fall. The device will automatically connect to emergency services, which will send help. 

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