Apple Watch 4 - An Exciting New Watch For The Futuristic Age

Apple Watch 4 - An Exciting New Watch For The Futuristic Age

August 29, 2018

We definitely live in an era where we have the technology by our side. In fact, some even take technology for granted even if they are not completely tech-savvy compared to certain gadget and computer users. But nonetheless, the advancement of technology and the willingness for tech-savvy people to learn and develop new ideas made gadgets and computers advanced enough to be more user-friendly. One of the finest brands that have shown this primary example of technology’s advancement is the Apple Watch. Just like Apple’s line of iPhones, the Apple Watch is also undergoing advancements. That’s why the company is planning to release its new model called the Apple Watch Series 4 in the near future. This is definitely an exciting product that you should not dare miss.

Rumors About The Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to release by September or near the end of the year. What made the product even more exciting to wait for is its new look that’s said to be much better than the previous series of the Apple Watch, which somewhat looks the same from each other. But still, the Apple Watch Series 3 never lost its touch in providing not just a higher sales volume for apple; its reputation is still known worldwide thanks to the excellent features of this wearable product.

But if you really want to see some brand new improvements compared to the Apple Watch 3, then take note that it got its specs “bigger”. The rumors said that it has a larger screen for an easier means to view apps and the rest of the operating system. It also sports a bigger battery that has a capacity that’s just as “big” as the new size. It can no provide certain features for making minor daily tasks easier such as its own sleep tracking app. The new app serves as a fine addition to the health initiatives that Apple Watch is constantly providing over its previous models.

For a better detail about the release date rumors, take note that Apple is going to potentially launch the product on its next iPhone event. The reason why the new watch is going to be revealed on the said event is due to the hints about the developer beta version of the iOS 12, which shows a brand new technology that’s just fit for the upcoming era of automation. The launch date of the previous Apple Watches was also done in September, which is exactly why many predict that the new model will arrive at this same month this year. But take note that this is just a possibility because Apple never stated in the past about giving annual updates on their hardware. Just remember that Apple Watches 1 and 2 had more than a 1-year gap before the latter got launched.

As for the price of the new watch, there are certain estimations which indicate that it will be set at almost the same price as the Apple Watch 3. Thus, some may expect that the price of the new watch will be set at $320 or above. Note that Apple Watch 3 had a lower launch price than its predecessor, making it a good possibility that the price might be lower, or just a little bit higher. Note that the aforementioned value is just a starting cost. There may be an additional price if you want to get larger Apple Watch Bands since Apple often releases larger versions of their watch models. Further additions to the price may be due to the option of having an LTE connectivity.

How Does It Exactly Look Like?

Known and trustworthy analysts from the company said that there will be huge changes in the design of the Apple Watch Series 4. There were 38mm and 42mm sizes for the previous watch models, but the analyst states that there will be a dramatic increase of 15% on the new watch model’s size. The screen of the product is also said to undergo an upgrade as the product will now have a 1.57-inch and 1.78-inch screen, compared to its predecessor which had a 1.31-inch and 1.54-inch displays. A concept artist also showed a drawing on how the screen will look like. It seems that the thickness of the Apple Watch 3’s screen borders are now replaced with a thinner one to ensure that the screen size will be larger this time. The concept artist stated that the screen area is increased by 35-38%.

The product is also going to have an edge-to-edge display for the product to ensure that it will be completely larger than the Apple Watch 3 in all aspects. A source also stated that customers may get to keep their Apple Watch bands as the design of the new watch will accommodate those products. This can be a great way to save money, and it will also give customers an impression that the bands of the watch will be developed in the same way as the previous model. The largeness of the product is balanced out by giving the product a slimmer design so then it can be more lightweight and easier to use. Generally, the sources also stated that the design of the Apple Watch 4 is trendier than the previous models, which can now be searched if you want to see what it looks like. Additionally, they also included a watch strap that can be adjusted by itself to accommodate any wrist size.

The Features And Specs To Be Expected

There are also trusty sources which provided rumors on how the watch will be in terms of functionality. The product is stated to perform faster thanks to the brand new circuit boards that will be installed in the device. The watch is said to be more versatile as a result of this new installation, along with a more powerful antenna to provide stability over LTE signals. In fact, the sources stated that the watch will start to provide LTE signals regularly than the iPhone as well. The interior of the product will also ensure that it will never be affected by heat or any moisture. Unfortunately, there is no news about the watch’s connectivity advantages.

The product is also set to be “more futuristic” than its predecessors because the product is being planned to have an unlocking feature that only requires you to stare at the device. This is all thanks to the Face ID camera feature of the product to ensure complete security. This eliminates the need to use a PIN number which might be a hassle to operate on the watch.

Fitness will be more prioritized than ever before with this new model. It will sport an electrocardiogram which is more advanced than heart rate monitors in order to provide better details on your cardiovascular condition. This feature will use electricity in order to analyze the full condition of your heart. But some cardiologists have claimed that this new technology may not be advisable for those who don’t have heart-related problems. After all, the heart rate only matters for healthy people when they exercise. The Apple Watch 4 is also rumored to have a respiration rate tracker, but this is an issue that’s been going on since the early days of Apple Watch. Some even say that this feature might be present on the Apple Watch Series 5 instead. But it’s a good thing to know that GPS technology for this product will be boosted for the sake of fitness, and it can even track your swimming abilities as the product is going to be waterproof this time.

More Details Coming Soon!

There are many things to expect for this product, and take note that the following features are rumors that are partially confirmed by trusted sources. But despite the unclear status of the rumors, many expect that the Apple Watch 4 will be a better version than the previous models as Apple will surely come up with brand new ideas to upgrade it. It might also provide more compatibility on the software-side by making it Android-compatible, and it may even provide a better look at the hardware-side by accommodating products such as the Rhino watch band to turn the product into a G Shock like Apple Watch. So it’s best to stay tuned for more exciting updates soon enough!

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