Fitness and Health features from the new Apple Watch

Fitness and Health features from the new Apple Watch

November 21, 2018

The Apple Watch 4 has included even more Apple Watch sport and fitness applications to make it easier to monitor and track all aspects of an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether you currently live an active lifestyle or you wish to become healthier, this new device has a number of built-in apple watch fitness and health features that come standard. 



Rock Climbing

It has been widely publicized that sitting is the new smoking. The Apple Watch has the ability to ensure that you get up and move and it also helps you meet your daily activity goals. You can easily view the number of steps you have taken and the total distance you have traveled each day. The watch will automatically track various activities, such as the number of calories burned, the frequency for which you stand and the number of minutes you exercise. Regardless of the activity, the watch will be able to monitor your movement. 



Sleeping Girl

The ability to sleep well is essential to good health, productivity and to your state of happiness. If you do not sleep well, you can experience a compromised immune system and poor health as your body does not have the ability to repair damage from the day. This groundbreaking, miracle watch allows you to set your bedtime each night so that you establish a routine that will help you sleep more consistently and for longer periods of time. You can even see the total amount of time you spend in bed and the total number of time you spend asleep.



Silhouette Meditating

More and more studies show that taking time each day to experience mindfulness can be equally as important as exercising and eating right to improve the overall state of your health. The Apple Watch provides a Breathe app so that no matter where you are located in the world or the time of day, you can take a few minutes at a time to remove yourself from daily stresses to quiet your mind and take several deep breaths. The belief is by doing so, you will be able to more easily decompress and minimize your stress levels throughout the day. This can lead to better alertness and a stronger heart.



Salad Bowl

The Apple Watch nutrition app makes it incredibly easy for you to monitor nearly all aspects of your nutrition levels. If you are interested in a low-carb meal plan, you will have the ability to track the number carbohydrates you consume each day. You can count calories and monitor whether or not you are eating enough protein if you do not eat much meat or any at all. You can even establish goals and keep a detailed food journal to see the exact amount of food you consume on a daily basis. From this information, you can learn eating patterns and food allergies or intolerances based on your entries.



Heart Rate Monitoring

Protecting your heart should be a top priority, particularly if you experience high levels of stress in your life regardless of whether it is from work, family or an alternative source of stress. One of the most dynamic features of the new Apple Watch is the ability to monitor every second of your heart’s activity. The ECG app will track your heart rate. The watch will then provide you with advice to improve your heart statistics. And it will alarm you if it notices any abnormal heart activity. You can also use this information to present to your doctor which greatly improves your preventative health care, or easily contact emergency services through the app if you seem to be in distress. 

Reproductive Health 


Woman with Child

This much-revered watch can now help users to reproduce or simply to track a woman’s menstrual cycle. Many Apple Watch fitness apps have been able to track various aspects of health over the years; however, the watch only started to be able to track reproductive health quite recently. You can monitor ovulation test results, the quality of cervical mucus and body basal temperatures. All of such information can be used to improve fertilization success rates. It is also possible to track one’s period simply to be more prepared. 

Health Records 


Stethoscope and Health Records

It can sometimes feel as though doctors are highjacking your medical information so that you have no idea the true state of your health at any given time. With the Apple Watch and health app, you can have access to your health records as they are conveniently stored and viewed in one place on your watch. You can see your allergies, dates of immunizations, current and past medications, lab results and more. It has never been easier to share your health records with emergency services or with specialized doctors. This will make your life tremendously easier and provide you with the ability to take control of your health records and your health. If you travel for work or pleasure, this is the ideal way to maintain your health records on the go. 

Emergency Health Information


Man with Apple Watch and Rhino Band

You never know when you might find yourself in an emergency health situation. Your watch provides an emergency SOS feature that will automatically contact emergency services during your most vulnerable times of need. The Apple Watch 4 allows you to keep all of your emergency health information in one place. You will be able to enter in a number of emergency contacts so that your loved ones will be contacted straight away if you initiate the SOS feature. They will be able to track your live location for a predetermined period of time once the feature has been activated. It is possible to cancel this auto contact option if you so choose. Emergency services and medical personnel will also be able to access your emergency contacts from your locked screen. And you will be able to create a medical ID that informs medical professionals of any pertinent information that may affect your care, such as allergies and resuscitation wishes. 

The fitness and health features from the new Apple Watch 4 could very well save your life. At the very least, it will help to make you astutely aware of the existing state of your health and the amount you actually move throughout the day. Information is highly valuable. When you are powered with information about your health and fitness levels, you can control the direction in which you wish to take your life rather than to simply be a passive participant. With this watch, you can improve your quality of life to no end.

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