Halloween Costume Ideas with Rhino Band

Halloween Costume Ideas with Rhino Band

October 16, 2018

With Halloween being just around the corner, it is time for you to don those ghoulish masks and far-out wigs for a night of sweet rewards. Picking the right outfit is half the fun, but with so many possibilities it is hard to decide. Whether valorous, silly or just plain scary, here are eight Halloween costume ideas to get your spooktacular night off on the right foot.

1. Batman


The Caped Crusader is one of the most popular men's Halloween costume ideas of all time. Part of what makes him such a fan favorite is that there are so many iterations you can choose from. With the help of an iron-on patch and a cheap pair of tights, you can transform yourself into the classic Adam West variant, or throw together some tactical gear, like an Apple watch band and kevlar chest protector, for a more power-forward modern version.

2. Hyphenated Costume

Green Costumer Character


This is less of a specific idea and more of a philosophy. You've bought the fake vampire teeth for a Dracula costume, and you've used the face putty for a zombie. Who hasn't? Well raise those old duds from the dead and consider hyphenating your costume. Don't just be a vampire, be a vampire-nurse. Instead of a boring old zombie, be a zombie-soldier. Using your creativity and the materials you have at hand you can come up with dozens of possible combinations.

3. Ghostbusters



If you would rather keep ghouls in check than shamble along yourself, you should know that bustin' will make you feel good. There is loads of officially licensed gear you can purchase, or throw together a ramshackle proton pack from stuff you have lying around the garage to mimic that "unlicensed nuclear accelerator" feeling of the original film. This isn't just a man Halloween costume idea, either. The newest movie features an all-female cast that proves women can capture the spuds just as well.

4. Minecraft Steve or Alex



Halloween creepers beware, going out as Steve or Alex will give you the opportunity to craft your own holiday experience. You can easily make your own costume in the DIY spirit of the game out of cardboard boxes and acrylic paint. Since everything is made of simple squares it won't require a huge amount of artistic talent to make a Minecraft outfit that will wow.

5. The Terminator



Dressed as everyone's favorite time-traveling butt-kicker with a metal skeleton, you will have a blast on Halloween night collecting candy as you search for Sarah Connor. This is another great costume to incorporate tactical gear like the Apple watch band, or almost anything you can find on the shelf of your local Army Navy store. Just make sure you keep away from metal foundries!

6. The Super Mario Bros. and Friends

Super Mario Brother Hat

The colorful world of Super Mario is full of delightful characters, and a few rotten koopas, that you can use as a Halloween costume idea. Throwing together the overalls and fake mustaches of the titular brothers is an easy way to go out in style. With a nice pink dress and parasol, you can be Halloween royalty as Princess Peach Toadstool. The more ambitious may even want to attempt a Bowser or Yoshi suit.

7. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Doll

What one does with the truth may be more difficult than you think, but what one does with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume on Halloween is simple: get candy! Strike a blow for women everywhere and get your friends to join in a Justice League outing together. The invisible flying jet is not included in most sets.

8. An Elven Fantasy

Fantasy Costume


If your pleasure tends towards something more sylvan than spooky, you can choose to adventure out into the darkness as one of the many characters from the world of fantasy works like The Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft. To quest for candy as Legolas or Lady Sylvannas, you need only assemble a bow and some well-worn tunics in an appropriate forest green motif. There are so many takes on these characters that everyone at your party could choose to be the same one but end up with an entirely unique take on the costume.