Frequently Asked Questions | Rhino Band – Rhino Brand

How do I track my order?

Click here to view your order status. 

What is the length of the band?

 The Rhino Band is 11.5 inches long (292 mm)

How wide is the RhinoBand?

 The current design is 1.85 inches wide (47 mm wide)


I am a police officer I was wondering if you offer first responders pricing?

 Yes. Please see link for details Click here

What is the warranty on the band?


 Would I still be able to use my charger with your band?

 Yes the standard Apple Watch charger will still function with the RhinoBand

Do you give discounts for repeat customers?

 Please sign up for out newsletter to receive any special offers and discounts we may offer.

What is your refund policy

click here for refund policy

About how long before credit is issued to my card?

 All credits are processed within 2 business days of receiving any approved returns. Please contact your credit card company for their specific processing time.

Will the watch bands fit the original apple watches?


 Would your Rhinoband fit and work in the same manner or do you make one specifically for left handed people?

The RhinoBand will work for both the left and right hand. However, we do not specifically made a design for left handed users. 

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