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Rhino Band 2

Rhino Band 2

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The Rhino Band by D.O.D makes your valuable Apple Watch tough. With its advanced military grade polyurethane blend construction, life is an adventure to be lived daringly. Wear your Apple Watch wherever you like; it will be safe in a fortified case on your wrist, right where you need it. And it just looks cool; the Rhino Band tactical watch band will transform your Apple Watch into a rugged sportsman's tool.


Product Highlights

The original Rhino Band gained respect quickly, with its armor for the Apple Watch. Its latest incarnation will rock your world, and be rocked. Designed for the most active of lifestyles by an experienced engineer, the Rhino Band takes bumps, scrapes, drops, shocks and nearly anything you throw at it. It is rugged, crafted from extraordinary high-tech materials that Rhino is known for. 

Rhino Band 2 features an advanced poly blend band that protects your watch and your skin. It is tear resistant, it absorbs extreme shocks, and it is flexible and comfortable.

The stainless-steel, easy-snap button-style buckle secures your Apple Watch onto your wrist like the last latch on a suit of armor.

One-step assembly is quick and easy, and then you can forget about it. This is unlike other iWatch bands. Your valuable Apple Watch will be safe and secure.

Using Your Apple Watch

The Rhino Band leaves easy access to every component of your watch. Every button is accessible, the sensors make full contact with your skin, the watch face is easy to touch and the audio port is unencumbered.

Charging Your Apple Watch

Charging your Apple Watch could not be easier. There is no need to remove any part of its enclosure. Simply plug it in as is.

Available Colors

The Rhino Band is available in black only. The black Apple Watch band is a classic. Add it to your Apple Watch band case for your most vigorous outings.


The Rhino Band replaces Apple Watch bands 42mm in size. It will accommodate Apple Watch Series 1, 2 and 3.

Wear your Apple Watch in your woodshop, metal shop or gym. Sweat it out on the courts, on the track or in the mountains. From racing, bicycles to fly fishing, let loose and enjoy your rugged outdoor adventures with confidence that your Apple Watch is safe and secure.

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