Rhino Runner

Apple Watch Series

    Rhino Band by DEHC brings us another of their boldly rugged Apple Watch band for active lifestyles. The Rhino Runner is named after an armored military bus, and it is tough. It uses advanced technologies to provide the protection and durability that are important to any active Apple Watch wearer. From everyday bumps to extreme outdoor adventures and arduous gym training, jump into it all full force, with no concern for your valuable Apple Watch. It will be encased in a suit of armor.


    Product Highlights


    Rhino Band is well respected among makers of Apple Watch bands, and the Runner is a mini fortress for Series 1, 2 and 3 Apple Watches. It is designed by an experienced engineer to withstand a multitude of repetitive bumps, drops, shocks, scratches and other arduous wear and tear, while your watch is virtually unaffected. To make it among the most heavy-duty of the Apple Watch bands, DEHC D.O.D gave it three layers of shock protection:

    It is constructed of an advanced polyurethane blend, similar to industry standard shockproof watches. It is skin safe, tear resistant and ready for serious shock absorption.

    Its case includes a shockproof vest. Install it and forget about it; it is safely secured.

    The buckle is stainless steel and designed to be extra secure.


    Apple Watch Protective Screen


    An Apple Watch protective screen is available. With this covering the face of your watch, you will have zero concern about scratches.

    Five color options lend the Runner individuality and wardrobe adaptability, while each color remains well suited to an extreme lifestyle. Choose from:

    • Black
    • Green
    • Salmon
    • Tan
    • Red

    Jump on your bicycle, fishing boat, basketball court or put on your running shoes and sweat. Whatever your activity, you won't have to worry about your Apple Watch. Use it when and where you need it.

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