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    Rhino Band by DEHC brings us another of their boldly rugged Apple Watch band for active lifestyles. The Rhino Runner is named after an armored military bus, and it is tough. It uses advanced technologies to provide the protection and durability that are important to any active Apple Watch wearer. From everyday bumps to extreme outdoor adventures and arduous gym training, jump into it all full force, with no concern for your valuable Apple Watch. It will be encased in a suit of armor.


    Product Highlights


    Rhino Band is well respected among makers of Apple Watch bands, and the Runner is a mini fortress for Series 1, 2 and 3 Apple Watches. It is designed by an experienced engineer to withstand a multitude of repetitive bumps, drops, shocks, scratches and other arduous wear and tear, while your watch is virtually unaffected. To make it among the most heavy-duty of the Apple Watch bands, DEHC D.O.D gave it three layers of shock protection:

    It is constructed of an advanced polyurethane blend, similar to industry standard shockproof watches. It is skin safe, tear resistant and ready for serious shock absorption.

    Its case includes a shockproof vest. Install it and forget about it; it is safely secured.

    The buckle is stainless steel and designed to be extra secure.


    Apple Watch Protective Screen


    An Apple Watch protective screen is available. With this covering the face of your watch, you will have zero concern about scratches.

    Five color options lend the Runner individuality and wardrobe adaptability, while each color remains well suited to an extreme lifestyle. Choose from:

    • Black
    • Green
    • Salmon
    • Tan
    • Red

    Jump on your bicycle, fishing boat, basketball court or put on your running shoes and sweat. Whatever your activity, you won't have to worry about your Apple Watch. Use it when and where you need it.

    Rated 5 / 5 by 15+ Clients

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Quality design / Secure protection

I have had my Rhino Runner band for about two months now. It’s quality design allows me to make full use of the functionality of my Apple Watch and securely protects it at the same time.

A1 Product

I owned the first Rhino Band and yesterday i bought the rhino runner . Very pleased with there products. I have thick wrists so these bands fit me perfect. Ideal for big and tall folks. THUMBS UP!!

Best band ever

Ive never wrote a review for anything. Takes time i dont have. But this rhino runner deserves a review. Just got it and already love it. I work on the railroad. Hard work. And this rhino runner protects my apple aatch perfectly. Great job rhinos!!

Perfect G-Shock replacement and even better customer service

This review is long overdue.

After killing several other cases I stumbled upon the Rhino Band that a buddy was using. Looked good and while simple in general seemed to have it all. So I bit the bullet a few months back and picked up the Runner to replace my 4th broken Catalyst. Glad I did.

Not only does it mimic my old G-Shock but I have put it through its paces and I don’t think I could even break the Apple Watch inside if I wanted to. The case itself still looks brand new and outside of a couple of very light scratches on the screen protector that are only visible at certain angles, it looks like new.

My only minor issue was when I first received the band it didn’t have a back to the protective vest in the box. With that minor disappointment though, I was able to get a several hour turnaround time from customer support and within 3 days had the back in hand delivered to my doorstep with no hassle on my part.

Great customer service and while the Rhino Band may seem simple on the outside, it’s obvious a ton of thought and just general care went into this case to ensure that the active Apple Watch user can do what they do without fear of killing their $500 investment with an affordable case. I have been wearing this daily and see no reason to ever give it up.

Highly recommended not just for the case but also for the great company. They obviously stand by their product and want to satisfy the customer. To me, they have succeeded on both accounts.

Legit but???

Got em on 6th day from order date to confirming the shippment, had one day behind but its ok i live in hawaii and its often happen here. anyways back in the review.... this is something everbody would love to pick up specialy for a expensive smart watch! i love everything on this looks, toughness and guaranteed protection BUT there is one flaw and everybody should agree on this.!!! the SCREEN protector!?!?!?.... its my first day on it and i cant just do a soft tap on it, it not responsive at all its hard to navigate with it. i might take it off tomorrow i just have to figure out not to break it LOL. please rhino people just take that thing off or do something on it to make it better, everything on this is 💯 legit just need to get rid of that screen or make it more functional. anyways overall 9/10.. Aloha

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