Protective Rhino Glass


The Protective Rhino Glass, from the makers of the Rhino Band, is an adhesive tempered glass shield available for 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm Apple smartwatch models. This Apple watch screen protector is laser cut for precision and fits Apple watches perfectly with its curved screen feature.

The Rhino Glass is easy to install and provides clear visibility, accuracy, and functionality. It will absorb the impact should you drop your Apple watch, protecting it the screen from damage.

Product Highlights

The Rhino Glass is a great option for Apple smartwatch users that do not feel safe enough with just a thin film layer for screen protection. This Apple watch glass is made of thicker TPU material that does not affect the responsiveness of the watch's touchscreen.

It’s not just a film, but it’s designed to cover the sides of the watch to offer ultimate protection.

Common Uses

Although matte and glass finish coatings have become a common tool for screen protection, getting an Apple watch glass screen protector is essential when it comes to smartwatches. The Rhino Glass provides a shielding specific to the Apple watch and prevents any visible damage.

Apple watches have sensitive screens so you really need a protector to make sure that it will function as the day you first bought the watch. If the smartwatch takes a fall, the Rhino Glass will prevent the watch’s screen from cracking. It also protects the watch from getting in contact with sand and other particles that may cause scratches on the screen.


One of the most attractive features of the Rhino Glass is the ease of installation. The solution made to create the product prevents fingerprints and bubbles from appearing on the screen. The material is strong and flexible, enabling the item to absorb impact.

The tempered glass used in this item is always sturdier than plastic screen protectors. It's also easier to replace the Rhino Glass once it cracks compared to plastic screen protectors in the market right now.

The Rhino Glass completely covers the screen of the Apple watch and is designed to provide clarity that it almost feels like your watch doesn’t have a screen protector at all. It can resist punctures and scratches and is fairly priced for $9.99.


  • Easy to install

  • Good price

  • High-quality material

The Rhino Glass, a tempered glass Apple watch protector, reduces unappealing scratch marks and shields your watch from damaging elements like sand and water. You still can't drop your Apple watch in the pool, but if you accidentally spill liquid on it or splash something on the screen, the watch is going to be fine. A good Apple watch glass screen protector is the best insurance you can buy for your expensive smartwatch.

Return Policy

The Rhino Glass is designed to protect 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm Apple smartwatch models by absorbing impact, which means it may shatter when dropped in order to protect the actual screen of the watch. If this product is damaged or opened, the manufacturers won’t offer a refund.

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